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Description: 4BC has been broadcasting (882 kHz AM) in Brisbane and the surrounding area since 1933 and still continues to provide en... tertaining and informative content for its listeners. 4BC’s program lineup consists of a diverse range of shows, from current affairs to talk radio, sports news and music. The station also boasts a strong local presence, with many of the hosts hailing from Brisbane itself or nearby Queensland towns. This makes it easy for locals to stay up-to-date on regional developments and get involved in conversations about what’s happening in their city.Read more
Name: 4BC Brisbane
Frequency: 882 AM
City: Brisbane
Broadcast area: Australia 🇦🇺
Language: English
Genre: News Talk
Website: 4bc.com.au

4BC Brisbane is a station radio broadcasting in Australia 🇦🇺. The headquarters for 4BC Brisbane is located from Brisbane. 4BC Brisbane 882 AM radio station broadcasts a News Talk. The program is broadcast 24 hours per day in the English Language.

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