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Description: 佳音廣播電台成立於1995年,其節目內容著重在放送聖樂與傳播福音。也每月出版佳音廣播... 刊,更在2008年與FM90.3羅東電台組成佳音love聯播網。Read more
Name: Good News FM (佳音廣播電台)
Frequency: 90.9 FM
City: Taipei
Broadcast area: Taiwan
Language: Chinese English
Genre: Christian Religious

Good News FM (佳音廣播電台) is a station radio broadcasting in Taiwan. The headquarters for Good News FM is located from Taipei. Good News FM 90.9 FM radio station broadcasts a Christian Religious Programs. The program is broadcast 24 hours per day in the Chinese, English Language.

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