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Description: Lao National Radio (officially abbreviated as LNR, Lao: ວິທະຍຸກະຈາຍສຽງແຫ່ງຊາດ... າວ, romanized: Vithanyou Kachaysiang Heng Xat Lao) is the national radio station for the country of Laos. It was founded on 13 August 1960 and became a national broadcaster in 1975. Between 1983 and 1993, Lao National Radio was administered jointly with Lao National Television.Read more
Name: Lao National Radio AM 567 (ວິທະຍຸກະຈາຍສຽງແຫ່ງຊາດລາວ)
Frequency: 567 AM
City: Vientiane
Broadcast area: Laos 🇱🇦
Language: Lao Hmong Vietnamese Thai Chinese Khmer Khmu English French
Genre: Pop

Lao National Radio AM 567 is a station radio broadcasting in Laos 🇱🇦. The headquarters for Lao National Radio AM 567 is located from Vientiane. Lao National Radio AM 567 567 AM radio station broadcasts a Pop . The program is broadcast 24 hours per day in the Lao,Hmong,Vietnamese,Thai,Chinese,Khmer,Khmu,English,French Language.

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