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Description: WLLX (97.5 FM) is a Class C2 FM radio station serving the southern Tennessee area. The station was one of the first in t... he nation to own and operate a live, color weather radar system and distribute the images to its listeners via a subcarrier on the primary FM signal.Read more
Name: WLLX 97.5 WLX
Frequency: 97.5 FM
City: Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
Broadcast area: United States
Language: English
Genre: Pop
Website: radio7media.com/index.php/wlx-home

WLLX 97.5 WLX is a station radio broadcasting in United States. The headquarters for WLLX 97.5 WLX is located from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. WLLX 97.5 WLX 97.5 FM radio station broadcasts a Pop Programs. The program is broadcast 24 hours per day in the English Language.

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