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Description: CBN-Radio 90.9FM can also be heard via the Digicel GoLoud App is owned and operated by Caribbean Broadcast Network (BVI)... Limited which covers the United States Virgin Islands Market, The British Virgin Islands Market & the Eastern Puerto Rico Market. CBN-Radio features a wide selection of Caribbean Music: Caribbean News Updates: International News Updates: Caribbean Weather Updates: Live Coverage of Cricket Regional Tournaments: Live Coverage of Caribbean Carnival & Caribbean Politic Affairs. While in the British Virgin Islands or United States Virgin Islands stay connected to the rest of the Caribbean with CBN-Radio 90.9FMRead more
Name: ZCSS CBN-Radio 90.9 FM (CBN CSS / Caribbean Super Station)
Frequency: 90.9 FM
City: Road Town
Broadcast area: British Virgin Islands 🇻🇬
Language: English
Genre: Caribbean Pop
Website: cbnvirginislands.com

ZCSS CBN-Radio 90.9 FM is a station radio broadcasting in British Virgin Islands 🇻🇬. The headquarters for ZCSS CBN-Radio 90.9 FM is located from Road Town. ZCSS CBN-Radio 90.9 FM 90.9 FM radio station broadcasts a Caribbean Pop . The program is broadcast 24 hours per day in the English Language.

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