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Since 1977 FM91.1 Canberra Multicultural Service (1CMS) has been serving Canberra with its up to date local, national and international news, the latest in culture, music, and programs in more than thirty-five different languages in addition to English. It makes us the only multicultural radio station in the ACT and its surrounding districts.

Name: CMS Radio (1 Canberra Multicultural Service / 1CMS)
Frequency: 91.1 FM
Language: English Bosnian Croatian Greek Dutch Persian French German Hindi Indonesian Italian Lao Macedonian Chinese Polish Samoan Serbian Sinhala Slovenian Spanish Tamil Telugu Thai Tonga Urdu Vietnamese
Genre: Pop Folk Music News Cultural
City: Canberra
Broadcast area: Australia

CMS Radio (1 Canberra Multicultural Service / 1CMS) is a station radio broadcasting in Australia. The headquarters for CMS Radio is located from Canberra. CMS Radio 91.1 FM radio station broadcasts a Pop Folk Music News Cultural Programs. The program is broadcast 24 hours per day in the English,,Bosnian ,Croatian ,Greek ,Dutch ,Persian ,French ,German ,Hindi ,Indonesian ,Italian ,Lao ,Macedonian ,Chinese ,Polish ,Samoan ,Serbian ,Sinhala ,Slovenian ,Spanish ,Tamil ,Telugu ,Thai ,Tonga ,Urdu ,Vietnamese Language.

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