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Ipswich Community Radio is your local radio station. We are here to entertain, inform and bring together the people living in the community. We give a voice to those who have important things to say, but don’t get a chance to say them on mainstream radio. We hope to inspire with our eclectic mix of music and engage our listeners with our presenters and guests.

Name: ICR FM (Ipswich Community Radio)
Frequency: 105.7 FM
Slogan: Daring, Diverse, Different
Language: Irish
Genre: Pop Music News Talk
City: Inishowen
Broadcast area: Ireland, United Kingdom
Website: icrfm.com

ICR FM (Ipswich Community Radio) is a station radio broadcasting in Ireland, United Kingdom. The headquarters for ICR FM is located from Inishowen. ICR FM 105.7 FM radio station broadcasts a Pop Music News Talk Programs. The program is broadcast 24 hours per day in the Irish Language.

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